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Club Rooms


The gold leafed Library runs the entire length of the building and faces south overlooking Carlton Gardens. This room contains many of the Club’s finest books. Almost 120 feet long, it is the most handsome room in the Club and is considered to be one of the finest interiors in London.

Theatre / Performance



Strangers’ Room

The Strangers’ Room is a replica of the dining room in the House of Commons and is so named because, originally, it was the only room where members could entertain guests. The room, graced with portraits of William Makepeace Thackeray, Charles Dickens and the Club’s Victorian 'celebrity chef', Alexis Soyer, is perfect for dinners and drinks receptions.

Available for evening hire only. 

Theatre / Performance



Barry Room

Named after Sir Charles Barry himself, this room on the mezzanine floor is ideal for small meetings and drinks parties. It is also available for the service of reception drinks associated with reservations in rooms elsewhere in the Club (at no additional charge).




Garden Room

This room is particularly popular in summer when the French windows can be opened and drinks taken on the terrace or in the Garden. Fine portraits of William Gladstone and Lord Hartington hang in this room. This room is ideal for lunch, dinner, business meetings or a small drinks party. The smaller Barry Room adjacent is available for pre-lunch or dinner drinks at no additional charge.



Theatre / Performance



Cabinet Room

This ground floor room is accessed through a secret door at the east end of the Coffee Room. It is furnished with 19th century political cartoons. It is perfect for lunch, dinner or business meetings.

Boardroom / Dining



Committee Room

The book lined Committee Room is where decisions affecting the Club’s affairs have been made since 1841. This beautifully lit room is ideal for lunch, dinner, meetings or small drinks parties. The curved ceiling is a feature of the room echoing the shape of the glass dome in the main atrium.

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